Pegboard Designs – 8/3/20

Today for sensory centers we’re learning how to make a thought-provoking shape center: Pegboard Designs!

To make these pegboards, you will need:

  • Foam, cardboard, or cork board
  • Tumb tacks
  • Rubber bands
  • Hot glue
  • Ruler (Optional)
  • Shape prompt cards


  1. Decide how many rows and columns of tacks you wish to have on your board. A standard board is 5 X 5, 25 tacks in all.
  2. Lay out your board by pushing the tacks into your foam, cardboard, or cork board. You can use a ruler and make marks to space them evenly if you want to be precise.
  3. Glue down each tack so that it doesn’t wiggle or come out of the board while the kids are playing with it.
  4. Print your shape prompt cards.
  5. Pass the board, rubber bands, and cards to the little ones. See how many shapes they can recreate.

This activity might be for a slightly older crowd, like preschoolers, but it’s good for teaching shapes, motor skills, and spacial awareness.

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